Now fundraising for landscaping and maintenance
McNair Gravity Park

Providing a safe, controlled outdoor environment that uses gravity sports to bridge the gap between creative youth and their community.

How we got here

McNair Gravity Park

WELCOME to the new McNair Skate Park Website. Together our community collaborated to build a new state of the art skate park for the riders of Livingston and Park County. The McNair Skate Park Association/Committee was originally founded in 2005 and the group has been working diligently over the years, overcoming many obstacles during the course of time. The committee reconvened after a long hiatus in 2010 with renewed energy for the project and fresh blood to keep the project empowered and motivated, and were successful in  getting our beautiful park built. Now we need your help to complete the project and provide quality maintenance. 

Previously The McNair Skatepark, McNair Gravity Park provides a safe and controlled environment which bridges the gap between creative youth and  community through skateboarding and gravity sports. 

McNair Gravity Park

229 River Drive
Livingston, Montana
8:00am - 10:00pm