A Safe, Permanent and Inclusive Gravity Park

Built in 2003, the old McNair Skatepark sat atop a 9,000 square-foot asphalt pad and  comprised of wooden ramps, which required constant upkeep and presented serious safety risks related to their rate of deterioration. Our collective goal is to create a safe, permanent, and inclusive gravity park that can be used by bicyclists, inline skaters, skateboarders, scooter users, and wheelchair-bound participants. The border of the park will be defined by an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant sidewalk. This feature is as much innovative as it is important to the entire community in that it will frame the park and provide a pathway to the Yellowstone River levee; an ADA-compliant ramp will connect to top of the levee. Moreover, the design of the proposed gravity park will accommodate access for broader participation in outdoor activities both within and around the park. Within the park, features in the final design will provide for many skill levels. Similarly, these features will be designed to encourage consistent participation, which will be illustrated by improvement in their ability through the development of skills, much like a ski hill accommodates a range of skill levels. Around the park, the perimeter will be defined with a curb and gutter and large sidewalk that will surround the park and continue to the Yellowstone river levee with a ramp to the top. This is expected to provide access for every demographic in Sacajawea Park.