Positive Vibes

Gravity sports provide a positive activity for the mind, body and soul to express and expel energy in healthy ways. Skateboarding has been determined to stream creativity with determination into the minds of children, achieving goals through the development of the mind, body, eyes, and coordination. This can manifest into an amazing combination of gymnastic athleticism and grace. In addition to creating lifelong values for good exercise, concrete gravity sports like skateboarding teach the youth the meaning of the healthy body is a healthy mind. Providing gravity parks for youths to exercise is as important to park infrastructure as the playground fort is to the very young and toddlers for the development of skills in cooperation, social interaction, as well as imagination. Our overall goal is to provide youth in the Livingston area with the opportunity to engage in skateboarding, roller blading, and BMX biking activities that enhance their physical, mental, emotional and social development in a safe and controlled environment.