Friends of McNair Gravity Park


Constructing a permanent gravity park, at the triangular area slated for development, is strongly expected to provide a safe environment within close proximity to several local schools and in full view of employees at the Civic Center, who are trained in CPR in the event of an accident. Through this proposed development, participants will spend their time on a confidence building activity that fosters mental and physical growth. Based on estimates, our proposed 10,000 square-foot facility can accommodate up to 60 users per hour (skatepark.org); all the while, adolescent energy will be focused in an athletic manner, thus allowing personal expression in a healthy, positive environment. A design-built gravity park costs about $25 per square foot. Fortunately, the City is donating land and in-kind labor, which will help decrease some expenditures. To develop an approximately equal-sized park will cost about $250,000 for 10,000 square feet. Construction will begin when we reach our goal of $250,000. We are also in the process of seeking assistance for the infrastructural costs (sidewalks/curb/gutter) from the Livingston Urban Renewal Association (URA) and the Montana State Reclamation Fund. Our goal is to use funds raised for the skatepark itself solely for its construction (phase 1), and then we will seek matching funds for infrastructure expenditures like sidewalks (phase 2). Ground breaking for the infrastructure surrounding the park will begin Spring of 2017.